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Is the United States Worth Saving?

Is the United States Worth Saving?

For a more perfect union!

Charles W. Thompson

Is the United States Worth Saving? spells out the dangers which our republic has encountered and how 21st century reality presents extreme dangers for citizen control of its government.

Author Charles W. Thompson focuses on several fundamental conditions—among these problems has been a slow, insidious alteration in methods for the selection of representatives encapsulated in the words “gerrymandered electoral districts” and “representatives for sale”—which, along with massive growth and a multinational economy, have eroded representative government. Results are a shrinking “middle class” and stagnated mobility as well as greater class distinctions. Several proposals are offered to ensure public control over government.

The author believes that the results of the conditions identified above are legal favors, tax loopholes and regulatory exemptions favoring a few. This problem is exacerbated by the public’s disenchantment with politics. Growing trends in our social mores reveal less attention to obligations of citizenship reflected by low voting rates of eligible voters.

Learn more about this and the other conditions and other relevant issues you need to know through this revealing book!