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Charles W. Thompson has spent a career in public management. He attended the University of Oklahoma and was selected to participate in an interdisciplinary program focused on municipal management. This provided eligibility to attend any colleges of the University – schools of law, business, engineering and social science – which were germane for a degree in public management. He also completed a Masters degree focusing on public management and economics.

After three years as an Administrative Analyst in the Departments of City Planning, Finance and Public Works in Kansas City, Missouri he was selected as Assistant Manager in Middletown, Ohio. One year later, at the age of 25, he was appointed City Manager and for the next 36 years served as city manager of Middletown, Ohio; Springfield, Missouri; Wyoming, Michigan; Downey, California and Huntington Beach, California. He was also employed by Governor Hearns of Missouri to draft legislation and the organizational framework for a State Department of Urban Affairs. He is now retired, living in Huntington Beach.

He states “I wrote this book due to profound fears and apprehension that we are losing our republic little by little, while observing changes throughout my career.”