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Is the United States Worth Saving?

Reveals how history repeats itself and how internal divisiveness destroys national unity. It stresses the vital nature for universal education and how the vast wealth of intellectual ability in the nation has been overlooked.


The book also points out the difficulty for people to realize how vastly different the 21st century is when compared only to the lives of their great-grandfathers. The growth of multinational corporations and the rise of “State Capitalism” alter concepts of free competitive enterprise which faces daunting challenges for survival. The growth of the nation and the free movement of people have resulted in nearly one in three Americans living in four states but the representative system is still tied to 1789. Significant suggestions are also proffered to protect the independence of the judiciary.


In Is the United States Worth Saving?, Thompson offers several proposals for consideration to redeem and enhance the republic; why the governmental units, federal, state, county and city must be aligned to achieve America’s purpose to improve and protect the human condition and liberty. A significant point is made of the importance of the experiment in democracy for the world.